Know Why You Should Join a Weight Training Program

Are you a bit confused about whether you should or not go for weight training? If you are confused, then…

8 months ago

Causes of depression during pregnancy

Depression is a serious illness that causes sadness, anxiousness, or feeling empty. Although pregnancy is a period of great joy…

11 months ago

Blood Pressure Monitor: A New Improvement In Technology

As one gets older, more and more ills tend to pop up out of nowhere. However, blood pressure is a…

1 year ago

Bikram yoga: what is it and how to perform?

About Bikram yoga Bikram yoga is also known as Hot Yoga. This yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury in the…

1 year ago

Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga: Helps you in relieving stress and tension

Ashtanga (or Astanga) Yoga is also known as a powerful yoga.  This form of yoga is used by athletes and…

1 year ago

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