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Do you want to pursue law as a career? Here is what you need to know

It is the Constitution that makes our society habitable and equal for all. The rules established to protect our fundamental rights save us from malicious acts.

These rules are laws that are formulated for the smooth and hassle-free functioning of all aspects of society. To become a part of it, you can pursue a law degree.

The integrated law courses are designed to deliver a curriculum that helps a student to gather knowledge and develop respective skills. Choosing from among the best law colleges in Delhi NCR is considered ideal for the academic curriculum.

Vast domains of law courses

The law courses are designed to cover all the aspects of the Constitution of India and more. The prime subjects related to this domain are jurisprudence, environment law, cyber law, criminal law, family law, company law, etc.

The best private law colleges in Haryana also add a few other non-core subjects for the soft skill development of the students.

It means that an integrated law course will be ideal for a student. It covers a 5-years course curriculum that offers two graduate degrees at the end.

Specialization in this domain

The subjects included in the curriculum cater to organized knowledge delivery and help to build a foundation of concepts in the students. For 5 years, they will learn the basics of these subjects and will construct a strong base.

This base will then support the development of knowledge via advanced courses or specialization in this domain. The law colleges in Delhi NCR prepare this base and help students to identify their strengths.

Based on their strengths, they can choose a specialization from the same or different law college.

Excellent career for aspirants

There are remarkable career aspects you will find after completing an integrated law course in one of the best colleges in Delhi NCR. You can pursue an advanced course and specialize in a particular field. The prospects will increase too. Apart from an advanced degree, you can do the following.

  • Become a lawyer

You will become a lawyer and start practicing law with the best firms in India. Your potential and credibility will take you to the right platform.

  • Legal advisor

You can become a lawyer in a particular field and provide legal advice to your clients. It can be in any domain. If you look at the subjects in the integrated LLB course, you will find out the right domain to specialize in. The best private law colleges in Haryana help you to choose your path.

  • Company Secretary

You can pursue commerce-related integrated law courses and become a company secretary. You can also pursue a BBA LLB Degree to major in company law and corporate law.

  • Judicial services

You will sit in the government exams and be a part of the judicial system to serve the country.


Find the top law colleges in Delhi NCR to pursue an integrated law course. Utilize the resources to discover the best specialization you can pursue to take your career ahead.



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